Public Art Project is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that advances public art through a variety of methods by working directly with artists, business owners, organizations and local governments. Our mission is to create and facilitate visual stimulation and communication throughout the community while teaching and educating the public about the importance and economic impact of the arts.  We have a three-pronged method to achieve these cultural goals: create, facilitate, educate.




One part of our mission is to help artists generate new visual appeal in communities through beautification projects, thought-provoking public art installations, and powerful visual storytelling that captures the history and culture of a community. Through the generosity of donors, grants and creative fundraising events, we coordinate and fund works of public art while providing compensation for the artists’ creative efforts.

Public Art Project serves as the one-stop point of contact between the art community and property owners, businesses or public entities interested in bringing public art to their community. We will match you with the right artists for your project, serve as the project coordinator and oversee the project to successful completion. Since Public Art Project is a 501(c)3 organization, we are eligible to receive tax deductible donations and grants that we distribute directly to the artists that help beautify an area.

Education is at the heart of our mission at Public Art Project. Studies show that students engaged in creative endeavors are more likely to be successful in school - and life. Public Art Project is committed to working with schools, helping provide educational opportunities to increase students’ academic and social success. With input of community artists, students of all ages will also have the opportunity to learn: how to create public art and prepare for a successful career in creative fields; the socioeconomic benefits of public art; and the overall value of public art to the community at-large – from bridging achievement gaps and enhancing cultural awareness to raising property values and positively impacting the esteem of a community at a national level.

Support the Continued Growth of the Local Arts Community